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Criminal Justice and Health

Social Drivers of Violent Crime

The latest in a series of publications on the link between criminal justice and health, the brief includes:

  • Data and information on the structural and social drivers of violence, including racism, income inequality, neighborhood planning, gendered social norms, education and employment, health care, housing and criminal justice.
  • Recently passed or proposed state-level policy changes that may have an impact on community violence.
  • A set of evidence-informed policy recommendations and implementation examples that Ohio can leverage to drive improvement.

3 key findings for policymakers

  • There are evidence-informed policy and program solutions to improve community conditions, prevent violence and improve community health and safety.
  • Community conditions can perpetuate or prevent violence. Community factors including social norms, exposure to racism, income inequality and access to quality housing, education, employment and health care impact violence.
  • Violence is a public health problem and is detrimental to the physical and mental health of individuals and communities.

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Hailey Akah, JD, MA

Robin Blair-Ackison, MPH

Tonni Oberly, PhD, MPH

June Postalakis, BS

Published On

June 28, 2024

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