Criminal Justice and Health

Connections between Criminal Justice and Health Project

HPIO is exploring the connections between criminal justice and health with guidance from a multi-sector advisory group. The research evidence is clear that poor mental health and addiction are risk factors for criminal justice involvement and that incarceration is detrimental to health. Obstacles to health and well-being are particularly striking for Ohioans who are at highest risk of criminal justice involvement. Still, improvement is possible. There are evidence-informed policy solutions to reduce incarceration and improve health in Ohio.






The relationship between criminal justice and health

There is a two-way relationship between criminal justice and health. Mental health and addiction challenges can lead to arrest and incarceration, and incarceration contributes to poor behavioral and physical health for many Ohioans. In addition, racism and community conditions are foundational factors that contribute to both criminal justice involvement and poor health. Engagement with the criminal justice system impacts the health, safety and well-being of justice-involved people, their families and the broader community.

Cjh framework

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