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HPIO Addiction Evidence Project Fact Sheet:

Refocusing Ohio’s approach to overdose deaths

Drug overdose deaths are preventable and there are many ways to deter and reverse overdoses. Recent upward trends in overdose deaths are troubling. Without a comprehensive policy response that takes into consideration the many factors that contribute to overdose, Ohioans will continue to die, leaving behind grieving families and untapped potential. This fact sheet explores:

  • What drives overdose deaths
  • Why overdose deaths continue to increase
  • What Ohio can do to improve overdose prevention

This fact sheet was released in conjunction with the HPIO policy brief  Taking Action to Strengthen Ohio’s Addiction Response.

3 Key findings for policymakers

  • Overdose deaths are not inevitable, and there are many ways communities can strengthen prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Fentanyl and related drugs are driving a third wave of overdose deaths in Ohio, and intensified harm reduction efforts are needed.
  • A comprehensive approach to overdose prevention that addresses supply, demand and environment factors would save lives.

The HPIO Addiction Evidence Project 

The HPIO Addiction Evidence Project provides state policymakers and other stakeholders with tools to:

  • Quickly find existing information about what works to address addiction
  • Review addiction policy changes enacted in Ohio
  • Assess the extent to which new policies align with existing standards and evidence
  • Identify areas where Ohio policy can be better aligned with standards and evidence, including potential gaps in Ohio’s response to the addiction crisis

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Hailey Akah, JD, MA

Amy Bush Stevens, MSW, MPH

Jacob Santiago, MSW

Published On

October 22, 2021

Table of Contents

  1. 3 Key findings for policymakers
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