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June 07, 2024

Governor signs order banning nine types of synthetic opioids

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Tuesday signed an executive order authorizing the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to effectively ban the sale and use of a number of synthetic opioids in the state (Source: “Governor bans nine types of synthetic opioids connected to increasing overdoses,” Dayton Daily News, June 4).

The executive order banned the sale and use of nine synthetic opioids, compounds called nitazenes, that are stronger than fentanyl. These man-made opioids were never approved for medical use and have been increasingly found in illegal drugs throughout the state, according to the governor’s office.

“These are extremely dangerous substances being designed by clandestine chemists in an attempt to skirt the law while keeping them highly addictive,” DeWine said.

The compounds are often more potent than other schedule I opioids like heroin or fentanyl, which presents an elevated risk of negative outcomes caused by unintentional drug poisonings, including death.