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May 17, 2024

Graphic of the week


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and new data analysis from HPIO has found that Ohio ranks 27th for adults with Medicaid coverage who received follow-up care within 30 days of an emergency department visit for mental illness.

Maine had the highest percentage of follow-up care among its Medicaid population with 84.4% of adults with a diagnosis of mental illness who have an ED visit receiving follow-up care within 30 days. West Virginia had the lowest with 12.4%. For more information about the programs included in each state’s data, see Annual Reporting on the Quality of Care for Adults enrolled in Medicaid, Adult Health Quality Measures 2022

According to the National Committee for Quality Assurance, “Research suggests that follow-up care for people with mental illness is linked to fewer repeat ED visits, improved physical and mental function and increased compliance with follow-up instructions.”

In HPIO’s recently released 2024 Health Value Dashboard, mental well-being was identified as a policy priority for improving health value. The Dashboard suggest the following policy options to drive improvement in Ohio: