Core funders

The following funders are advancing evidence-informed policies that improve health, achieve equity, and lead to sustainable healthcare spending in Ohio by providing general operating support to HPIO:


Project funders

The following organizations have generously supported HPIO projects in 2023:

ACEs Impact Project

Harmony Project
Ohio Children’s Hospital Association

Criminal Justice and Health

Ohio State Bar Foundation

Health Value Dashboard

Health Action Council
SC Ministry Foundation


Columbus Foundation
Interact for Health

Ohio’s Approach to the Social Drivers of Infant Mortality: 5 years later

Bruening Foundation

Pilot to Policy



HPIO 2024 Educational Event Series Sponsors

If your organization is interested in becoming an HPIO educational events series sponsor, click here to learn about benefits and sponsor levels.




Upcoming ACEs event

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio is partnering with Franklin County Public Health to host a two-part event focused on preventing and mitigating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

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