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*Note: This resource page was developed for the Ohio Wellness and Prevention Network (OWPN), an information-sharing group led by HPIO from 2011 to July 2017. This page is no longer being updated. For more recent content related to prevention policy, see the Guide to Improving Health Value and the Ohio Health Value Review.

Ohio Policymaking Basics

Free online, self-study course that introduces participants to the process, structure, actions and decision-making bodies related to policy in Ohio. Developed by the Ohio State University College of Public Health and HPIO. Click Here for more information.

Ohio Wellness & Prevention Network* fact sheets

HPIO prevention resources

Advocacy tools

Understanding Lobbying Restrictions
(free publications)

For nonprofit organizations

For organizations receiving federal funding

Advocacy “How To” Guides (free publications)

Advocacy “How To” Training and Technical Assistance

Communications and Message Framing Tools (free publications)

Policy Change Templates and Tools (free publications and templates)

Local and State Policy Databases (examples of health-related policies)

Understanding Policy Change for Health

Ohio Government Basics