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Healthy Beginnings at Home 1.0 process evaluation

Healthy Beginnings at Home (HBAH) is a housing stabilization pilot program for pregnant women. Led by CelebrateOne (an infant mortality prevention collaborative in Columbus, Ohio), HBAH was designed to improve maternal and infant health outcomes for low-income families.

Launched in 2018 and slated to conclude in early 2021, the program provides 49 Columbus families with rental assistance and other services.

CelebrateOne contracted with HPIO to conduct a process evaluation that serves as a companion to the health and housing outcome evaluations. While the outcome evaluations measure whether the program worked, the process evaluation provides information about why the program may or may not have worked as intended and how it can be improved. The initial process evaluation report was completed in Sept. 2020.

June 29, 2021 update:

The initial process evaluation drew upon information primarily collected before the COVID-19 pandemic and prior to the end of the program. To fully describe the final phase of the project and the impact of the pandemic on HBAH families, CelebrateOne re-engaged HPIO in February 2021 to collect additional information regarding the impact of the pandemic and the step-down and aftercare phases of the project. This supplement is included as an appendix in the full technical report.

This process evaluation complements the outcome evaluations currently underway and builds upon the following work:

To learn more about HBAH or to view infant mortality data and briefs from CelebrateOne, please visit their website.

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