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Social Drivers of Infant Mortality:

Employment Action Guide


For many years, policymakers and community leaders across Ohio have worked to reduce high rates of infant mortality. Decisionmakers have explored this issue through multiple advisory committees, collaborative efforts, investments, legislation and other policy changes. Infant mortality prevention efforts have largely focused on public health and healthcare interventions for pregnant women, such as safe sleep education and prenatal care access. While these efforts have likely contributed to the overall reduction in infant mortality, healthcare services alone are not enough to close gaps in birth outcomes in Ohio. Improvements in factors beyond access to care are needed to reinvigorate Ohio’s stalled progress on infant mortality reduction.

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio recently produced the Social Drivers of Infant Mortality: Recommendations for Action and Accountability in Ohio report (“Action and Accountability” report) as an update to the 2017 report “A New Approach to Reduce Infant Mortality and Achieve Equity.” This action guide takes a closer look at the employment recommendations in the Action and Accountability report and provides state and local health stakeholders with additional information and tools to support next steps.

You can use this guide and additional tools posted on the HPIO website to prioritize, advocate for and implement the recommendations.


The Employment Action Guide includes:

  • Key terms for the employment sector
  • Employment recommendations from the Action and Accountability report that can be implemented at either the state or local level, as well as implementation examples from other states and Ohio communities
  • Recent policy activity at the state and local levels, including relevant decisions that have been implemented or are under consideration
  • A list of key partners, as well as information about community engagement and cross-sector collaboration
  • Data for action, including relevant sources of employment data
  • Relevant resources for additional information


Hailey Akah, JD, MA

Becky Carroll, MPA

Lexi Chirakos, PhD

Édith Nkenganyi, BA

Published On

June 23, 2023

Table of Contents

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  2. The Employment Action Guide includes:
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