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Data Snapshot:

Adverse Childhood Experiences in Ohio

Exposure to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) — potentially traumatic events that occur during childhood — is a pervasive problem affecting many children in Ohio and across the country. ACEs exposure contributes to poor health and well-being throughout life, including disrupted neurodevelopment, social and emotional challenges, disease, disability and premature death. Starting in 2020, HPIO released a series of policy briefs on the health and economic impacts of ACEs and elevated 12 evidence-informed, cost-effects strategies (program, policies and practices) that can prevent ACEs.

This Data Snapshot highlights the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in Ohio, displays differences in exposure to ACEs for groups of Ohioans and shows how ACEs connect to poor health outcomes.

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Nick Wiselogel, MA

Becky Carroll, MPA

Lexi Chirakos, PhD

Published On

October 20, 2023

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