Medicaid Basics 2023

May 12, 2023

This publication provides an overview of the Medicaid program in Ohio, including information on Medicaid eligibility, covered services, delivery systems, financing, spending and recent policy and programmatic changes.

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Ohio Medicaid

The Medicaid program is a partnership between the federal and state governments that pays for healthcare services for approximately 3.55 million Ohioans with low incomes, including more than 1.33 million children. In state fiscal year (SFY) 2022, federal and state expenditures on Medicaid accounted for about 39% of Ohio’s budget.

The federal government finances a significant portion of state Medicaid programs. States are required to provide coverage for certain federally-defined eligibility groups and services. States can also receive federal funding for optional groups and services. The details of who is covered and what services are covered by Medicaid are defined through a combination of federal and state statutes, rules and regulations and administrative decisions.

As the payor of healthcare services for 30% of all Ohioans, large-scale Medicaid policy changes affect the health of program enrollees, and impact the overall cost of the program. For example, increasing reimbursement rates paid to some providers may improve access to care, while at the same time increasing the cost of services. Policymakers are tasked with balancing the benefits of providing healthcare coverage with the cost of paying for services.

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