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January 19, 2024
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Graphic of the week: Gauging effectiveness of health and human services pilot projects


Last year, HPIO released a pair of reports designed to assist stakeholders and policymakers in taking lessons learned from promising health and human services pilot programs and developing policy and systems change.

The two reports, which examine how evidence-informed programs can be taken “from pilot to policy,” contain considerations for state and local policymakers and tools for program staff, philanthropy and other stakeholders.

The report for policymakers includes the above illustration of an evidence continuum developed by the state of Colorado that can be used to gauge whether programs are achieving their intended results.

On Friday, February 23, HPIO will host a webinar on the topic of elevating results, evaluation and research in policymaking. More details about the event will be released soon.

Funding for the Pilot to Policy project was provided through a grant from bi3, a philanthropic initiative of Bethesda Inc., and HPIO’s other core funders.