Tobacco, alcohol and health series: Health impacts of excessive alcohol use in Ohio

December 3, 2021

Advancing evidence-informed policies to reduce excessive alcohol use is one of the most powerful things public and private leaders can do to improve health, increase road safety and decrease violence across Ohio communities. If proven alcohol prevention strategies are implemented, Ohioans can live longer and healthier lives. This brief explains:

  • How alcohol use affects health and healthcare spending
  • Recent trends in alcohol use in Ohio
  • Trends and disparities in alcohol use
  • What works to reduce alcohol-related harms

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3 Key findings for policymakers

  • Reducing excessive alcohol use is a powerful way to improve health, advance health equity and reduce healthcare spending.
  • Systemic barriers to health, such as pandemic-related stress, discrimination and targeted marketing, drive trends and disparities in excessive alcohol use.
  • Public and private partners can implement proven strategies to protect communities from the harms of excessive alcohol use and keep young people from becoming dependent on alcohol or other drugs.

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