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April 27, 2023

HPIO releases 2023 Health Value Dashboard

Ohio ranks 44 on health outcomes, spending

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – The latest edition of the Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s biennial Health Value Dashboard found that although Ohio continues to rank lower than most states on health value, there are opportunities to build on the state’s strengths to improve the health and well-being of every Ohioan.   

The fifth edition of the Dashboard, which will be released later today, found that Ohio ranks 44 on heath value compared to other states and D.C. That means that Ohioans are living less healthy lives and spending more on health care than people in most other states. 

The Dashboard is designed for policymakers and other public- and private-sector leaders to examine Ohio’s performance relative to other states, track change over time and identify and explore health disparities and inequities in Ohio. The report also highlights evidence-informed strategies that can be implemented to improve Ohio’s performance. 

With more than 100 data metrics, the report can be a valuable tool as Ohio’s leaders continue to develop the state’s biennial budget over the next two months.   

“Ohio policymakers have many options to build on Ohio’s assets to create opportunities for prosperity and well-being throughout the state,” the report found. 

HPIO identified three specific areas of strengths on which Ohio can build to create opportunities for improved health value in the state:

  • Strengthen Ohio’s workforce: Ohio can build upon recent success in attracting employers in high-growth industries to strengthen the workforce and reduce poverty
  • Foster mental well-being: Ohio can build upon expertise with, and community response to, the addiction crisis to become a national leader in behavioral health
  • Improve healthcare effectiveness: Ohio can build upon strengths in access to care to reinvigorate approaches to improving outcomes and controlling healthcare spending

For any questions about the analysis, or if you would like to talk with the report’s authors, please call or text Nick Wiselogel at 614.530.9918 or email  


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