Ohio and the federally facilitated Marketplace

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has created this page to serve as a repository of resources related to Ohio’s federally facilitated marketplace. If you have questions about the page or would like to suggest additional resources to include on the site, please contact HPIO Communications Manager Nick Wiselogel at nwiselogel@hpio.net


Finding assistance

HPIO resources



The following presentations were given as part of a series of HPIO forums titled “Ohio health coverage options in 2014: The new paradigm,” which were held Oct. 7, 2013, in Columbus and Nov. 4, 2013, in Akron.

Other resources

Ohio-specific overviews

Ohio Medicaid

Small business resources

More information on the Affordable Care Act

HPIO has created a page titled “Understanding the Affordable Care Act” that includes additional resources that provide an overview of the law and its impact on Ohio.