The Health Policy Institute of Ohio provides research and analysis on a large number of diverse topics. Below is a list of areas where the institute has focused much its work in recent years. Click to view all of HPIO’s work on each topic.

Health value

HPIO developed a tool to enable Ohio policy makers to track Ohio’s progress towards health value — a composite measure of Ohio’s performance on population health outcomes and healthcare spending.


HPIO has created tools to  inform the state’s response to the addiction crisis.

Aging, older adults and elder justice

HPIO research and analysis explores the health and wellbeing of older adults and outlines specific ways that state and local public and private organizations can advance elder justice and equity.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ohio

This page provides links to regularly updated Ohio and federal resources that provide the latest reputable information on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Education and health

HPIO research and analysis addresses the strong relationship between educational attainment and health.

Federal policy

HPIO analysis and research related to federal policy has primarily focused on implementation of the Affordable Care Act and subsequent legislation to modify or replace the ACA.

Health equity

HPIO’s research and analysis on health equity focuses on policy options that eliminate health disparities and inequities across population groups.

Infant mortality and child health

HPIO’s research and analysis of infant mortality has focused on the social determinants  that impact Ohio’s alarmingly high infant mortality rates.

Medicaid, access and coverage

HPIO research and analysis addresses how access to care is necessary for improving overall health.

Prevention and public health

HPIO provides policymakers and those who influence them with research and analysis to determine policy options to address Ohio’s challenges related to public health and prevention.

Social drivers of health

Work by HPIO has highlighted the strong link between upstream factors (community conditions such as housing, transportation, education and employment) and the health of Ohioans.

Spending, cost and payment

HPIO provides policymakers and those who influence them with research and analysis to determine policy options to address Ohio’s health spending challenges.

State ballot initiatives

HPIO informs voters on statewide health-related issues placed on ballots by creating online resources pages so that citizens can make an informed decision.


Tobacco use is one of the key factors contributing to Ohio’s poor performance on health value.