The state of tobacco use prevention and cessation in Ohio

June 3, 2015

After releasing the Health Value Dashboard in December 2014, HPIO convened a group of healthcare and public health stakeholders to review Ohio’s greatest health strengths and challenges. This group identified tobacco use as a significant concern for the state.

This HPIO policy brief provides policymakers and other stakeholders with information to guide efforts to reduce tobacco use in Ohio. The paper is divided into two sections:

  • Environmental scan: Description of the current status and recent history of tobacco use prevention and control in Ohio.
  • Policy implications: List of the state-level policy options most likely to decrease the prevalence of tobacco use given the strengths and challenges of Ohio’s current tobacco policies.

In addition, HPIO released an accountability map that describes how various public health and healthcare entities in Ohio are accountable for specific tobacco-related metrics.

Ohio Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Foundation reports

The following documents provide additional information about the Ohio Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Foundation, also referred to as the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation, which was abolished in 2008.

Additional information about tobacco prevention and control strategies