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Ohio ranks 46 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia (D.C.) on health value, based on the Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s 2019 Health Value Dashboard. The Dashboard found that Ohioans who are racial or ethnic minorities, have a disability, have lower incomes or educational attainment, are sexual or gender minorities and/or live in rural or Appalachian counties, experience the worst health outcomes. These groups of Ohioans face many barriers to being healthy across the life course. For example, they are more likely to be exposed to adverse childhood experiences, violence, racism and discrimination, unequal access to post-secondary education, a job that pays a self-sufficient income and quality housing. Improving health value in Ohio means closing Ohio’s troubling health gaps and ensuring that all Ohioans have the same opportunity to be healthy.

This equity resource page highlights:

• National, state and local sources for disaggregated data to identify  health  disparities and  inequities

• Ohio-based and national organizations working on health equity- related issues

• Publications and reports that provide data and information on health equity, as well as   policies, practices and approaches to achieving health equity

For more HPIO equity-related publications, click here. HPIO convenes an Equity Advisory Group to inform development of health equity-related products.

To suggest adding resources to this page or to find out more about HPIO’s Health Equity Advisory Group, please contact Reem Aly, Vice President, at raly@hpio.net.

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