Health Access Collaborative

HPIO is planning to organize and host a multi-stakeholder Health Access Collaborative that will explore and advise policymakers on a wide variety of issues related to ensuring access to care for all Ohioans. HPIO will convene regular meetings of the collaborative to bring together providers (i.e. community health centers, free clinics, local health departments, schools-based clinics and hospitals) that primarily focus on serving Ohioans who have difficulty accessing care and other diverse key stakeholders in order to:

  • Inform an analytical policy brief that HPIO will write focused on health access (i.e. who has difficulty accessing and paying for care and how do they access care, as well as how lack of access creates health disparities), as well as the implications of the Affordable Care Act on access
  • Explore ways to share resources and capitalize on mutual goals to improve health access
  • Discuss workforce challenges of providers
  • Discuss how to leverage innovative models of care to increase access
  • Recommend policy changes that will increase access, foster collaboration and improve efficiency


If you have questions about HPIO’s health access work or would like more information, please contact Amy Rohling McGee, HPIO President.