HPIO projects

Convened groups

Access advisory group – HPIO’s work in 2014 will continue to focus on ensuring that eligible Ohioans can access coverage (coverage and affordability) and that the health care system can provide services to this newly insured population and to those who already have coverage (workforce). Our work will be informed by the HPIO Access Advisory Group, diverse stakeholders who will provide expertise and insights to HPIO staff on access issues; identify policy areas for HPIO attention/focus; advise on HPIO access-related products and events; and share learning and network. The group will meet two to three times throughout 2014.

Prevention and Public Health Advisory Group – This group advises HPIO on products and activities related to prevention and public health, and provides general direction for the Ohio Wellness Prevention Network. This group is made up of representatives from several different prevention areas (such as chronic disease and injury/violence prevention and mental and emotional well-being) and experts in prevention and public health funding, the “health in all policies” approach, and evidence-based prevention. This 12-member group will meet quarterly in 2014.

Wellness and Prevention Network – The HPIO Wellness & Prevention Network is a coalition of Ohio prevention organizations working together to build skills, capacity, and coordination in order to communicate more effectively with public policymakers about the critical importance of investing in prevention and ensuring that all Ohioans live in healthy communities that support healthy behaviors. It has created the Ohio Wellness & Prevention Network website to house its work.

HPIO initiatives

Health measurement – The ability to track Ohio’s progress in improving health value – looking at the relationship between health outcomes and health costs – is critical to evaluating efforts aimed at improving the health of Ohioans. This includes tracking population health outcomes, health costs, health care system performance, public health system performance,  health access and evaluating Ohio’s social, economic and physical environment. To track Ohio’s progress in improving health value over time, HPIO has developed a Health outcomes and costs dashboard. In addition, HPIO is convening a multi-stakeholder group to review, prioritize, and select a streamlined and standardized set of health measures that reflect the many factors that impact population health outcomes and health care costs.

Telehealth – HPIO has focused attention on telehealth as a promising practice that has implications for health outcomes, access and cost. Specifically, telehealth cuts across two of HPIO’s strategic objectives – ensuring access to care for all Ohioans and aligning public and private payments with better health outcomes. HPIO’s work around telehealth policy has helped to inform and mobilize telehealth stakeholders to engage in and expedite policy decisions around telehealth at the state level.

Sponsored Projects

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio is always interested in exploring sponsored projects that would support HPIO’s mission of informing policymakers on health policy issues. Partnerships with independent organizations throughout Ohio (including government, higher education, philanthropy, non-profits and private business) have consistently been a fundamental component of HPIO’s work.If you are interested in a potential collaboration with HPIO, or sponsorship of a specific project, please contact HPIO President Amy Rohling McGee at 614.224.4950 x305 or e-mail her at of potential areas of collaboration

  • Partnering on hosting events and conferences
  • Providing training and technical assistance on topics such as the policymaking process
  • Conducting needs assessments or environmental scans
  • Research and literature review
  • Acting as a fiscal agent for collaborative efforts

Recent sponsored projects

Ohio Medicaid Expansion Study – HPIO partnered with the Ohio State University, the Urban Institute and Regional Economic Models, Inc. to explore the potential impact of Medicaid expansion in Ohio. HPIO provided project management for the study and oversaw decimination efforts (editing and layout of publications, media outreach, web hosting of all material). The project was funded by the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, the Gund Foundation and the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation. All material from the study is available here.

Ohio Network for Health Coverage and Enrollment – The Ohio Network for Health Coverage and Enrollment, or ONCE, was formed in Summer 2013 and is open to all Ohio organizations that are committed to ensuring outreach, education, and consumer assistance efforts across the state are coordinated and effective. The project is sponsored by the Philanthropy Ohio Health Initiative and managed by HPIO.

The purpose of ONCE is to ensure that outreach, education and enrollment efforts in Ohio are coordinated and effective so that uninsured Ohioans understand and enroll in health care coverage. To ensure this, ONCE engages in strategic partnerships and provides guidance, advice and leadership for Ohio collaborative efforts.ONCE brings together statewide, regional and local organizations to foster collaboration through information sharing, consistent messaging, and opportunities to partner to help uninsured Ohioans understand and enroll in new coverage opportunities.

Montgomery County Affordable Care Act Task Force – The Board of County Commissioners of Montgomery County contracted with HPIO to conduct an environmental scan and assessment (including strengths and weaknesses) of Montgomery County’s current access, capacity and delivery system for the physical, behavioral and dental healthcare safety net for vulnerable populations. In addition to assessing the current status of how well the health care safety net operates, the environmental scan identified gaps, potential options and solutions to help ensure that the community is as prepared as possible for implementation of the Affordable Care Act. To download the Montgomery County access to care dashboard or executive summary and full versions of “An Environmental Scan of the Montgomery County Safety Net for the Montgomery County Affordable Care Act Task Force,” please visit

Community Guide State Team: “Evidence in Action” – HPIO has partnered with the Ohio Department of Health to lead a state team to review evidence-based public health recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Community Guide, and to select and implement a policy strategy to increase physical activity in Ohio. The project is funded by the National Network of Public Health Institutes and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.

Public Health Futures – Recognizing the need to respond to current financial and political challenges and to propose new approaches to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of local public health in Ohio, the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners established the Public Health Futures Project in 2011 to explore new ways to structure and fund local public health. AOHC contracted with HPIO to conduct research, facilitate a consensus-building process among members, and prepare the final report. The final report was delivered to the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners Public Health Futures Steering Committee on June 15, 2012.