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Ohio Health Value Review- September 2021

February 4, 2022

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September 2021
The Ohio Health Value Review is a quarterly electronic update from the Health Policy Institute of Ohio designed to strengthen connections between public health and healthcare partners in Ohio and highlight opportunities for different sectors to work together to improve health value in our state. If you have questions about the newsletter or have suggested tools or resources you would like to see included in future editions, please contact Nick Wiselogel, HPIO’s Vice President of Strategic Communications.

HPIO analysis: Public health and prevention drive population health

In August, the Health Policy Institute of Ohio released a fact sheet that provides additional information on the public health and prevention metrics included in the 2021 Health Value DashboardTM.
Strengthening public health and prevention is the most effective way to empower Ohioans to lead healthier lives. From addressing the addiction crisis to combatting infectious disease, public health and prevention play an important role in ensuring that Ohioans live healthier lives and rely less on clinical care. While Ohio has made some improvements in preventing illness and injuries, policymakers and others can take additional actions to strengthen Ohio’s public health system.
Analysis of 2021 Dashboard data finds that public health and prevention have a much stronger impact on the overall health of a state than access to care or healthcare system performance. The figure below shows the strength of the relationship between different categories in the Dashboard, revealing that public health and prevention, followed by the physical environment (air and water quality, food access and housing), are strongly connected to a state’s overall health.

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Health value resources

The resources below can be used to improve health value in Ohio.

Population health and healthcare spending

Social and economic environment

Physical environment

Access to care

Healthcare system

Public health and prevention

Health equity

State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) priority topics

The newly distributed 2020-2022 SHIP, facilitated by HPIO under contract with the Ohio Department of Health, lays out specific steps to achieve measurable improvements on three priority health outcomes. Below are resources that address those priority areas.

Mental health and addiction

Chronic disease

Maternal and infant health

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