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Ohio Health Value Review-November 2022

February 3, 2023

The Ohio Health Value Review is a quarterly electronic update from the Health Policy Institute of Ohio designed to highlight opportunities for policymakers and stakeholders to improve health value in Ohio. If you have questions about the newsletter or have suggested tools or resources you would like to see included in future editions, please contact Nick Wiselogel, HPIO’s Vice President of Strategic Communications.

Health value graphic

A recently released HPIO policy brief details the state’s progress in taking action on four key evidence-informed strategies to prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs): Early childhood education, early childhood home visiting, medical-legal partnerships and family income supports.

“Ensuring a strong start for children and strengthening economic supports for families both contribute to making sure that every child in Ohio has the opportunity to reach their full health potential,” the publication states.

Among the findings in the brief are that the need for home visiting services is greater among groups of Ohioans most at risk for childhood adversity (as illustrated in the graphic below). 

In 2020 and 2021, HPIO released a series of policy briefs on the health and economic impacts of ACEs and elevated 12 evidence-based, cost-effective strategies (programs, policies and practices) that prevent ACEs before they happen and improve health. HPIO’s new series is focused on analyzing the implementation status of these strategies in Ohio. 

Bar charts showing the percentage of Ohioans receiving home visiting services and ACEs exposure by race

Health value resources

The resources below, organized by the domains in HPIO’s Health Value Dashboard, can be used to help improve health value in Ohio.

Population health and healthcare spending

Social and economic environment

Physical environment

Access to care

Healthcare system

Public health and prevention

Health equity

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