HPIO webinar on the 2017 Health Value Dashboard™

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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A review and discussion of the Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s 2017 Health Value Dashboard, which ranks states and the District of Columbia on a combination of population health and healthcare spending metrics. According to the Dashboard, Ohio ranks 46th in the nation in health value.

The Dashboard is unique in its emphasis on “health value,” rather than on population health outcomes alone. No other national rankings factor in the impact of healthcare spending. The Dashboard also takes a comprehensive approach in looking at health by evaluating social, economic and physical environments, which are significant contributors to overall health. Based on an in-depth analysis of 118 metrics, the Dashboard shows that Ohioans live less healthy lives (43rd in population health) and spend more on health care (31st in healthcare spending) than other states.

The webinar reviewed Ohio’s performance, and highlighted Ohio’s challenges, strengths and evidence-informed approaches to improving health value.

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