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Health and disabilities basics part II: The health challenges facing Ohioans with disabilities

July 22, 2014

The second part of HPIO’s two-part series of briefs on Ohioans with disabilities.

This brief explores how people with disabilities face complex challenges to achieving optimal health and well-being. While this is true for many in the general population, some barriers are unique or more acute for people with disabilities. The brief also examines current federal and state laws and policies designed to mitigate barriers to optimal health for those with disabilities. Broad recommendations for policies and strategies to address these barriers are also included.

The first part in the series, titled “Health and disabilities basics: Overview of health coverage, programs and services,” presents the current landscape of health coverage, programs and services for people with disabilities, including an overview  of the state entities that provide, coordinate and/or fund public services. The paper also explores demographics, eligibility criteria and scope issues.

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