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Good work travels

September 24, 2015


From the Ohio Statehouse to the U.S. Capitol, the data in HPIO’s Health Value Dashboard makes a compelling case for the importance of improving health value.

As a first-of-its-kind combined state ranking of health outcomes and healthcare costs, the Dashboard sheds light on Ohio’s health value rank of 47, with Ohioans living less healthy lives and spending more on health care than people in most other states. HPIO is using the Dashboard data to identify evidence-based strategies to help improve Ohio’s ranking.

HPIO’s unique role as a source of independent, unbiased and nonpartisan information and analysis made the creation of this important tool possible. With input from stakeholders across the state from diverse sectors, the Dashboard is comprehensive and relevant to all interested in strengthening the policy decisions that impact the health of Ohioans.

Please make a contribution today to further HPIO’s work.  Your investment allows HPIO to generate publications such as the Health Value Dashboard, Medicaid Basics and Beyond Medical Care. With your support, HPIO will continue its role as a convener of stakeholders from across public and private sectors and host of forums to expand dialog about critical health policy issues. The result is health policy decisions that improve the health of all Ohioans.

In addition, HPIO’s unique position as the state’s only nonpartisan organization solely dedicated to informing state health policy decisions and our staff’s diverse education and expertise enables us to provide high caliber consulting services tailored for your goals.

As a non-profit organization, HPIO is supported by the generosity of individuals and foundations.  Donate here to invest in this important work. Your organization also can support HPIO by sponsoring our forums, publications or projects.






Amy Rohling McGee