Facts & Figures: Health Value Dashboard

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Note: This publication was published in April 2021. For most-recent data, consult the data sources at the end of the publication.


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Data points

Key data findings

  • Ohio ranks 47 on health value out of 50 states and D.C. This means that Ohioans are living less healthy lives and spending more on health care than people in most other states.
  • Ohio ranks in the bottom half of states on measures that put children at increased risk of exposure to adversity and trauma, including adult depression, drug overdose deaths, excessive drinking and incarceration.
  • If adverse childhood experiences were eliminated, more than $10 billion a year in healthcare spending could be saved in Ohio and $319 million in lost wages could be eliminated each year in Ohio.
  • Inequitable distribution of infrastructure, power, resources and dollars result in obstacles to accessing education, food, transportation, housing, health care and other resources for Ohio’s most at-risk groups. If these inequities were eliminated, 58,507 fewer Black children and 13,373 fewer Hispanic children would experience food insecurity.
  • Only three other states spend less on public health than Ohio, limiting public health workforce and ability to proactively implement comprehensive approaches to our state’s greatest health challenges.

Suggested citation: Health Policy Institute of Ohio. 2021 Health Value Dashboard. April 2021.