The Health Policy Institute of Ohio is a nonprofit organization located in Columbus, Ohio, that was created in 2003 by a group of health foundations. These funders recognized the need for a statewide organization focused on independent, non-partisan health policy analysis. HPIO has earned a reputation as a trusted and credible resource for state policymakers and other key stakeholders.

HPIO equity statement — April 26, 2021

HPIO statement on racism and health — June 4, 2020

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The Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s vision is that Ohio is a model of health, well-being and economic vitality.

HPIO’s vision will be achieved by improving health value in Ohio through improved population health and sustainable healthcare spending.

Mission and unique role

(updated and approved by the HPIO Board of Directors on 10/25/2021)

HPIO is an independent and nonpartisan organization. Our mission is to advance evidence-informed policies that improve health, achieve equity, and lead to sustainable healthcare spending in Ohio.

Federal, state and local public policy play an instrumental role in achieving health value. Policy change, as a complement to health programs and services, is a key lever to impacting healthcare spending and health outcomes. HPIO’s work will focus on state-level public policy decisions that can lead to improved health value. The Institute’s primary audience is state public policymakers in both the executive and legislative branches of Ohio government.

HPIO is Ohio’s only nonpartisan organization solely dedicated to informing state health policy decisions. The Institute’s independence from any particular sector and its knowledgeable staff enable the organization to be both agile and credible. HPIO does not take positions on specific legislation, but will use its expertise on a comprehensive range of health policy issues, including the social drivers of health, to translate complex health policy information for state policymakers and others and to provide objective research, analysis and data presentation.

HPIO will perform three key roles in the policymaking process:

  • Lead. Manage and facilitate multi-stakeholder meetings and collaborative processes to elevate policy options.
  • Inform. Collect, analyze, synthesize and summarize data and information through environmental scans, literature reviews, needs assessments, focus groups, key stakeholder interviews, reports, dashboards, graphics and presentations.
  • Improve. Provide health improvement planning and create evaluation processes with a strong focus on identifying measurable, time-bound objectives and the implementation of evidence-based strategies.


HPIO embraces the following values:
Objectivity – Improving the health of all Ohioans without representing the perspective of a particular sector or political ideology.
Diversity – Seeking out and considering diverse perspectives and encouraging thoughtful dialogue focused on potential solutions.
Credibility – Providing information and policy options that are data driven and evidence informed.
Relevance – Focusing on the most pressing health policy issues facing Ohio and maintaining the agility needed to shift with changing needs and opportunities.


HPIO engages state policymakers and many other stakeholders in its work. These stakeholders include:

  • State legislators
  • Executive branch staff
  • Assistants and aides to state policymakers
  • Health care providers (hospitals, primary care, behavioral health, dental health, etc.)
  • Local government
  • Health plans/private insurers
  • Public health organizations
  • Consumer advocate
  • Researchers and academic institutions
  • Health foundations and other philanthropic interests
  • Self-insured employers
  • Other business leaders

HPIO is committed to diversity

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio ensures equal employment opportunity in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code 125.111 and all applicable federal regulations and guidelines. For more information on our Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy, click here.

HPIO is committed to promoting a healthy work environment

  • Healthy food policy to promote healthy food and beverages at meetings and events
  • Employee wellness benefit (all employees are eligible for reimbursement of some wellness-related personal expenses)
  • Office furniture to promote activity (standing desks)
  • Bike parking on site


HPIO’s offices are located at:

140 E. Town Street, Suite 1000
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Main phone number: 614.224.4950

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