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Ohio Medicaid Basics

Download Ohio Medicaid Basics 2015

Updated every two years to coincide with the state biennium budget, Ohio Medicaid Basics provides an expansive overview of the Medicaid program in Ohio, broken down into easy-to-follow sections. A two-page executive summary also is available.

The updated edition  provides an overview of Ohio Medicaid financing, enrollment and eligibility. The brief also includes key Medicaid-related policy changes included in the state budget for SFYs 2016-2017. A two page executive summary also is available.

Ohio Medicaid Expansion Study

The Ohio Medicaid Expansion Study was conducted by a research partnership between the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, the Ohio State University, Regional Economic Models, Inc., and the Urban Institute. The research partners gratefully acknowledge funding from the Gund Foundation, Interact for Health (formerly the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati)and the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation. The views presented here are those of the authors and do represent the official position or opinions of the funders.

Medicaid spending growth analysis

At the request of Senators Burke and Cafaro, the Health Policy Institute of Ohio and the Ohio State University John Glenn School of Public Affairs produced an analysis comparing trends in Medicaid spending using the most recent historic rate of growth without Medicaid expansion to Medicaid spending at different growth rates with Medicaid expansion. Below are a series of documents that summarize the findings and the methods used in these calculations. These findings are projections, not predictions.

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