One of HPIO’s core organizational values is to foster collaboration and dialogue among diverse stakeholder groups to share differing perspectives and solutions to various health policy issues. HPIO convenes a number of advisory groups whose members are recruited to lend expertise and provide guidance on HPIO work. Standing HPIO advisory groups are listed below:

  • Equity Advisory Group – Provides expertise and insight on health disparities, inequities and health equity issues, including advising HPIO on health equity-related products and events.
  • Health Measurement Advisory Group – Assists in the development of the HPIO Health Value Dashboard.

HPIO also convenes ad hoc, topic-specific advisory groups to inform HPIO products.

Social Determinants of Infant Mortality Advisory Group After a competitive selection process, the Legislative Service Commission (LSC) recently contracted with HPIO to study the social determinants of health and infant mortality. As a part of this project, HPIO is convening an advisory group that will contribute content expertise, provide feedback on preliminary findings and make recommendations for policy changes to improve the social, economic and physical environments that impact maternal and infant health.

The Ad-hoc Advisory Group on Drug Dependence and the Opiate Crisis is advising HPIO on development of products to inform policymaking on addiction prevention, treatment, recovery and related issues.

The Ohio Wellness & Prevention Network is an information-sharing group made up of Ohio prevention organizations working together to communicate more effectively with public policymakers about the critical importance of investing in prevention and ensuring that all Ohioans live in healthy communities that support healthy behaviors. Network members receive e-news updates 1-2 times each month on prevention policy issues, and are invited to participate in “lunch and learn” webinars on policy topics.

Groups that are not currently active

State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan Advisory Group – The Ohio Department of Health contracted with HPIO to facilitate the state health assessment and state health improvement plan beginning in March 2016. The SHA and SHIP Advisory Committee included state agencies and a wide array of external partners representing sectors such as public health, healthcare providers (including hospitals, primary care, and mental health and addiction services), insurers, consumers, community service agencies, employers and populations at-risk for experiencing poor health outcomes.

The Population Health Planning Advisory Group was a group that assisted in identifying state health priorities, metrics and objectives, and developed recommendations to inform a framework for population health planning in Ohio and alignment with the state’s PCMH model. HPIO was commissioned by the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation, the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Medicaid to convene the group and develop recommendations for a Population Health Plan as part of Ohio’s CMS State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative

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