Connections between Education and Health No. 2: Health Services in Schools

Posted on July 13, 2017

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This brief focuses on how Ohio schools are providing health services to students and specific evidence-based policies and programs that have demonstrated both health and education benefits. A two-page executive summary and a summary of school health service requirements under Ohio law also are available.

The brief highlights:

  • Relevant federal and state policies and programs
  • Types of health professionals commonly working in schools
  • School partnerships to provide health services, with an emphasis on school-based health centers (SBHCs)
  • Provision of mental health and preventive services in schools
  • Policy options to expand health services in Ohio schools

Additional resources

  • Summary of school health service requirements under Ohio law
  • Policy brief No. 1 explains the relationship between education and health and describes factors impacting this relationship (Released: January 2017)
  • Intersections between education and health” is an extensive online resource page that will be continually updated throughout 2017
  • Policy brief No. 3 will explore early learning policies and programs including early childhood education and family supports and social-emotional development (Target release: August 2017)
  • Policy brief No.4 will explore school-based policies and programs that impact health and education outcomes, including strategies to improve nutrition, increase physical activity, prevent violence and drug abuse and increase health literacy (Target release: Fall 2017)

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